The Cane Toad is Cane Toad Tough

Are you tired of forking out time and money
repairing damaged pallet racking?





Damaged pallet racking presents high risk to staff OH&S and causes innumerable hours in downtime – unloading and reloading stock during repairs.


At Pallet Racking Maintenance, we just knew there had to be a better solution for our clients that would save them significant amounts of time and money!


Don’t continually repair your damaged pallet racking when you can IMPROVE IT!


We not only found a solution to this problem, but improved upon it, and are the first and only supplier in Australia to make The Cane Toad available nationwide.

The Cane Toad is Cane Toad Tough so if you manage to damage one in the normal course of usage, we will replace it FREE OF CHARGE anywhere in Australia!! That’s how confident we are in the “toughness” of this product.


Patented and engineering approved, this product is perfect for all warehousing and pallet racking spaces, it is particularly beneficial to cool room and freezer settings because of the additional restrictions and critical factors that present in these spaces.


The Cane Toad comes with a replacement guarantee


Pallet racking can be easily damaged and once you improve it by having Cane Toads installed, you won’t have to repair it again.


Pallet Racking Maintenance has been around for more than 12 years and during this time we have repaired many 100’s of racks. The Cane Toad is based on the type of rack protection commonly used in the USA, however we have improved upon it and made it stronger.


The Cane Toad is made in Australia and comes with a simple guarantee. If you manage to damage The Cane Toadthrough normal usage, we’ll replace it free of charge anywhere in Australia. It’s 6mm thick steel bumper rail making it virtually indestructible.


The Cane Toad has been assigned Patent No. 2017100201 meaning it’s the original and only one of its kind — it can not be replicated.


Protect your staff, stock and your business


If you are looking for a cost-positive solution for your pallet storage and especially if you are at the mercy of strict time constraints to avoid stock spoilage, The Cane Toad is your answer.


Fitting ALL TYPES OF PALLET RACKING you also have the choice of powder coated or hot dipped galvanised steel to suit your needs.


The toughest and best solution to protect your pallet racking against failure in Australia.


Like its namesake, The Cane Toad is indestructible and here to stay!


To Learn more, please visit or phone Matt on 0407 009 493