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Pallet racking is essential for any cold room, storage, or warehousing space.

Although pallet racking seems to be a pretty straightforward commercial utility, it does require constant inspection and maintenance to meet Australian OH&S standards.

The team here at Pallet Racking Maintenance have specialised in pallet racking systems in Queensland and New South Wales for over 15 years. We are also the innovators of The Cane Toad® pallet racking protection systems, offering maximum protection for your storage space.

We offer complete pallet racking services for all racking system types and brands used in Australia. Our total solution services include:

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Installation
  • Dismantlement
  • Relocation

We are licensed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC), and all our work complies with Australian Standard 4084-12.

Our experienced team of racking experts offers free audits and inspections and can be called out for emergencies if an accident unfortunately occurs.

On top of pallet racking, the team here at PRM also offer racking solutions for:

  • Cantilever racking
  • Pigeon hole racking
  • Mezzanine floors
  • Mesh, MDF and chipboard shelving inserts and more

We use industry-leading brands for all our installations and repairs, including names such as:

The PRM team takes the utmost pride in our work and won’t accept anything less than total customer satisfaction.
We aim to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions, honest advice, and exemplary customer service.

Repairs and Maintenance

Our team of experienced pallet racking professionals has seen it all. From minimal damage, wear and tear that poses a significant risk, to major pallet racking collapses.


The best defence against pallet racking damage and collapse is regular inspection and maintenance. The highly trained staff here at PRM can perform one-off or scheduled maintenance on any kind of racking system used in Australia. 

Whether you have pre-existing racking installed on the premises, have sourced racking form a third party, or have had the racking installed by the team here at PRM, we can provide a maintenance service that works best with your businesses schedule, minimising your productivity loss.


Our skilled trade professionals ensure prompt repair services for minor damage as well as offering emergency call-out services for major incidents. We can assess all damage, provide cost-effective solutions and source parts for older racking systems if required.

We can also provide consultation and advice on precautions you can take to avoid damage in the future and offer products like The Cane Toad® system to increase the safety and longevity of your warehouse or storage area, while also ensuring you meet all Australian OH&S standards.


Our team of pallet racking experts can help you build a safe and reliable warehouse or storage facility from the ground up. No job is too big or small, and we offer prompt and efficient service to minimise downtime and productivity loss.

We will liaise with you to make sure the racking meets all of your business’s unique requirements and offer expert advice, so you get the most out of your investment. We also offer installation of The Cane Toad®, our one-of-a-kind rack protection system to ensure your racking is as safe and strong as possible.

The team here at PRM offers full installation services on all new and used pallet racking. We can provide a range of new racking options, source used racking for you to reduce costs, or work with racking you have sourced yourself.

All our work meets Australian Standard 4084-12 and can be customised to meet your company’s unique OH&S regulations. All of our work comes with our personal quality guarantee.

Audits and Inspections

Our expert team provides a free pallet racking and auditing inspection service. Damaged or poorly maintained racking risks the safety, and potentially the lives, of all employees within the racking space.

If racking is hit by a high-risk vehicle like a forklift, or the racking gives way due to sustained damage, you can risk heavy financial losses and lost productivity, as well as damage to or destruction of your stock and merchandise.

We book all inspections at a convenient time for you and your business. We provide a comprehensive assessment including the conditions of:

  • Uprights
  • Beams and clips
  • Floor fixings
  • Bracing
  • At the end of your audit, you will receive a non-biased, colour-coded report of your results with recommended actions.

    • Red Immediate action is required
    • Amber Action is needed as soon as possible
    • Green Damage must be monitored

    Racking audits and inspections should be conducted every 12 months to ensure you meet Australian safety standards.

    Cane Toad Unit

    The Cane Toad®

    When company owner Matt went on an international search for pallet racking protection systems, he took what he found and made it even better!

    On average we estimate racking repairs to cost $500 or more in equipment hire, pallet upright purchases and labour costs every time you need racking repairs performed.

    The Cane Toad is a one of a kind pallet racking protection system that can save you big dollars in the long term, protecting your racking from collisions by high-risk vehicles like trucks and forklifts. Head to for more information about this unique Australian designed product.

    For more information about our range of pallet racking and storage, solution services contact Matt Gade on 0407 009 493 or via email at Fill out our enquiry form, and we can contact you at your nearest convenience.

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