If you require a safe and reliable pallet racking system installed in your Queensland or New South Wales business, then the highly-experienced professionals here at Pallet Racking Maintenance are your go-to pallet racking providers.

We offer complete installation services for new and used pallet racking for all kinds of storage spaces, including:

  • Cold rooms
  • Warehouses
  • Pick and pack facilities
  • General storage areas
  • Warehousing and distribution complexes
  • Secure storage services and more

Our team has over 15 years’ experience in pallet racking installation. We are also the innovators of The Cane Toad® pallet racking protection system.

Pallet Racking Relocation

The professional pallet racking experts here at PRM also provide a disassembly, relocation and re-installation service. 

We are prompt and efficient, minimising your downtime and getting your warehouse, cool room or storage space back up and running in the least amount of time possible.

We provide a full audit and colour coded report after installation to make sure all government and company OH&S compliances are met giving your storage system a fresh start in your new premises.

  • Red Immediate action is required
  • Amber Action is needed as soon as possible
  • Green Damage must be monitored

Pallet Racking Products

Here at PRM, we only use Australia’s industry-leading pallet racking brands and suppliers, including:

We can provide brand new racking systems or save you money by using second-hand racking sourced through our extensive network. Our team can also install racking you have sourced yourself, as long as it is in acceptable condition and meets Australian Standard 4084-02012 and government OH&S compliances.

Free Inspections and Audits

We are dedicated to providing Queensland and New South Wales Businesses with safer work environments. This is why we offer free inspections and audits of existing racking and new installation spaces. 

We provide a full report on our findings before undertaking any pallet racking expansions or new or used pallet racking systems.

Cane Toad Unit

The Cane Toad®

After more than a decade in the pallet racking industry, the founder of Pallet Racking Maintenance, Matt, witnessed a constant, negative damage and repair cycle, which was costing their clients time and money, as well as risking the safety of their clients’ workers.

This led Matt on an international search for a pallet racking protection system. He ended up taking all that information and creating one ultimate racking protection system he named The Cane Toad®.

This indestructible upright pallet racking protection system can save companies large sums of money in repair costs, and almost completely avoids racking damage and dangerous collapses caused by impacts from high-risk vehicles like forklifts.

This unique, patented, Australian owned product has been tried and tested Australia wide. Head to canetoadtough.com.au for more information about installing this one of a kind product in your storage space.

For more information about our range of pallet racking and storage, solution services contact Matt Gade on 0407 009 493 or via email at  hello@canetoadtough.com.au. Fill out our enquiry form, and we can contact you at your nearest convenience.

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