It is a requirement of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, and Safe Work Australia, that inspections and audits of your pallet racking systems are performed every 12 months to ensure there is no structural risk of collapse. 

It is also essential that regularly scheduled maintenance of your pallet racking be performed to ensure National OH&S standards are adhered to. 

There are also regulations that specify any racking used in the workplace must be specifically designed for the size, shape and weight of the products or equipment being stored.

Our expert pallet racking professionals will assess and repair all aspects of your pallet racking system including:

  • Uprights
  • Beams and clips
  • Floor fixings
  • Bracings

The team here at PRM have over 15 years’ experience in pallet racking maintenance and repairs. We are licensed by the QBCC and offer free audits and inspections.


PRM also offers a range of other pallet racking services, including:

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Disassembly
  • Relocations

We offer a guarantee on all our work and ensure your pallet racking and storage space complies with all Australia Safework and OH&S specifications.

We service all business types and provide maintenance for all kinds of pallet racking and storage systems, including:

  • Cantilever racking
  • Pigeon hole racking
  • Mezzanine floors

No space is too big or small, and we use only industry-leading replacement parts and products, including brands such as:

Free Audits

Our pallet racking experts provide a free service for all annual or regularly scheduled pallet racking audits and inspection as part of our commitment to safer Australian workplaces.

We conduct a thorough inspection of your racking at a time that is convenient for you and provide an unbiased, colour coded report on our findings.

  • Red Immediate action is required
  • Amber Action is needed as soon as possible
  • Green Damage must be monitored

We provide prompt maintenance as required, and at times that create the least disruption to your business. We can also supply affordable rack protection solutions that can dramatically reduce your maintenance and repair requirements in the future.

The Cane Toad®

After many years trying to find an effective rack protection product for their clients, PRM founders, Matt and Sue Gade, went on an international search for the world’s best pallet racking protection product.

After their intercontinental search, they decided to take what they had found and create their own unique, patented upright pallet racking system, The Cane Toad®.

This one of a kind, virtually indestructible racking protection system can prevent many of the major causes of racking damage that occurs via impacts from high-risk vehicles like forklifts and reach trucks.

Head to for more information about this proudly Australian owned and operated innovation.

We are proud to offer affordable and reliable pallet racking maintenance solutions and high-quality products to our clients in Southeast Queensland, and all around the nation.

For more information about pallet racking maintenance, products and other services, contact:

Matt Gade
Mobile: 0407009493

Leave us a message via our contact form, and one of our experienced staff members will contact you at your nearest convenience. PRM is a proudly Australian owned and operated company.

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