A pallet racking collapse can be cause for great stress. It can be a potentially life-threatening situation, as well as cause prolonged losses in productivity and financial hardship.

The team here at Pallet Racking Maintenance have been providing Queensland and New South Wales businesses with reliable, expert pallet racking repair services, and rack protection solutions for over a decade.

Over the years we have seen everything from easy to fix minor damages, to catastrophic racking system collapses. We provide prompt service in an emergency and offer free audits and reports of our findings, before undertaking any work.

Pallet Racking Repairs

Our team of experienced pallet racking experts can attend to any damage your storage system has sustained. We provide an efficient service at cost-effective pricing.

In the case of an emergency, like a racking collapse, we will endeavour to assess and repair your storage system as soon as possible.

If pallet racking damage is a regular occurrence in your coolroom, warehouse, distribution centre or storage facility, then we have products we can install to negate future issues, saving you money and lost productivity in the future.

Free Audits and Inspections

The team here at PRM provides free audits and inspections of your coolroom, warehouse or storage space racking system.

After our assessment, you will receive a colour-coded report indicating the extent of the damage, and the urgency at which issues need to be addressed.

Our team arranges all audits, repairs and maintenance at a time that is best suited for your company to minimise disruptions and get your racking system up and running as soon as possible.

  • Red Immediate action is required
  • Amber Action is needed as soon as possible
  • Green Damage must be monitored

For more information about our range of pallet racking and storage, solution services contact Matt Gade on 0407 009 493 or via email at  hello@canetoadtough.com.au. Fill out our enquiry form, and we can contact you at your nearest convenience.

The Cane Toad®

After seeing clients continually waste time and lose money, as well as stress over occupational health and safety issues, PRM founders Matt and Sue Gade went on an international quest to find the perfect pallet racking protection product. 

After seeing what was in place around the globe, they decided to take the best of all the solutions they found, and combine them into one indestructible product.

The Cane Toad®  is a one of a kind complete upright pallet racking protection system designed and patented by Matt and Sue. 

It has been tried and tested around Australia and provides an affordable and reliable guard against common damage sustained by commercial pallet racking.

Installing The Cane Toad® provides a safer workplace for all employees and third parties, and stops the endless cycle of damage and repair, potentially saving your business thousands in lost revenue. 

Head to canetoadtough.com.au for more information about this proudly Australian owned and operated innovation.

The team here at Pallet Racking maintenance are proud to support Queensland and New South Wales Businesses. We are a Brisbane based company supplying regular servicing to Southeast Queensland communities.

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