Why Use Pallet Racking Maintenance For Audit/Inspection Services?

First of all, your Audit/Inspection is for FREE! WHY?

We want our clients pallet racking maintained to Australian Standards. And for that reason, we offer this FREE service.

We Will –

  • Visit your site and conduct the inspection audit at a time suitable to you
  • Assessments of each rack type to identified all defects
    • Damage Uprights
    • Damage Beam & Clip
    • Damage to Floor fixings
    • Damage Bracing
  • Your Audit/Inspection Report includes, colour coded priority of the pallet racking and defect type, Inspection Summary Report with recommended action


RED –  immediate action is needed

AMBER  –  action required as soon as possible

GREEN –  damage to be monitored

Figure 3: Damage action flowchart in accordance with section 8 AS4084.

Figure taken from SafeWork NSW – Pallet racking fact sheet (Catalogue No. WC01277)


Why Is A Pallet Racking Audit/Inspection Necessary?

Most importantly, racking must be inspected every 12 months, regardless of size, working loads or traffic.  Above all, you need to comply to Australian Standard 4084-12.

“Any racking used in the workplace should be designed specifically for the size, shape and weight of the products being stored. It is also important that all racking is set up and maintained according to the manufacturers’ instructions.” – Worksafe NSW


Is Your Pallet Racking Up To Standard?

Upright Damage Assessment Information

Damage rack



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